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May/June 2020 fees update for IGCSE Oxford

Date: Published Monday 20th July 2020

In April we undertook to review our fees for the May/June 2020 series when the final costs of providing calculated grades this summer were known. We also postponed the planned entry fee increase for the November 2020/January 2021 series.

Even without the usual exams, delivering results this summer has led to some significant new costs. For example, exam boards have had to build completely new systems for entering grades and rank orders.

However, the change to calculated grades this series has meant that we have been able to make savings overall, and as a result we have reduced our fees for the May/June 2020 series and cancelled the charge for amendment and late entry fees. We have contacted our schools directly about this, and a credit note will be be added to schools’ accounts by August 31st.

Fees and future entries

How have you worked out the credit for the May/June 2020 series?

We looked at the overall cost of delivering results this summer, compared with what we were expecting, to identify how much we could credit back to customers.

Are you offering a discount for students wanting to resit their May/June 2020 entries in future series?

We were able to reduce our fees for the May/June series based on the lower costs of producing calculated grades compared with running an exam series, and we also cancelled late entry and amendment fees.

We have postponed a planned fee increase, so our fees for the November 2020 and January 2021 series will be the same as the fees for May/June. We are monitoring the situation very closely, but are currently planning to deliver our standard examinations series as normal in November and January. If this is the case, then the usual costs of running the series will apply



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